The Design Process

Below is an overview of technical drawings and 3D animations created by the Design to Save Team – from site survey to the installation of the Maxsys Systems.

Please select a drawing below to view a full size image.

1. Existing equipment:


Maxsys survey the customer site and produce a layout of the existing plant.

2. Proposed installation:


Maxsys analyse the existing plant and produce a proposed installation design that achieves the maximum fuel and CO2 reductions for the customer.

3. Detailed views of individual components:


Maxsys design in detail each individual component of the proposed installation.

4. Maxsys Fuel Systems installation:


A final post installation drawing is produced once the three previous drawings have been approved by the customer.

5. 3D animation of the installation:

A 3D animation of the Maxsys installation can be produced if required.