Design to Save

Pioneering Design, Fundamental Savings

At the heart of every Maxsys Fuel System lies a technology that is the bedrock upon which the guarantees of a minimum 5% reduction in fuel costs and a very attractive ROI are based.

Being a bespoke technology, the Maxsys Fuel Systems are designed, built and calibrated based upon the individual requirements of each customer and the type, usage and setup of their equipment. To ensure all factors are accounted for, engineers survey each customer site prior to manufacture, so that detailed high resolution 3D animations and drawings of the installation pre and post work can be made and evaluated.

The particular design and deployment of each system is a critical factor in the reduction of a customer’s fuel costs, with Maxsys investing heavily in this area alone. The Design to Save Team brings together the very best contingent of Masters Degree level design engineers, complemented by state of the art CAD software.

Suitable for a wide range of burners, across a broad spectrum of applications – from boilers to dryers, through to ovens and heating systems – the Maxsys Fuel Systems require no independent power source, and allow easy, retro-fit integration into any existing operation.

Maxsys Fuel Systems are an established and trusted component used by many of the world’s leading industrial companies as part of their ongoing battle with cost control. The reductions these organisations enjoy in both fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions, is a lasting testament to the product’s effectiveness.