Selas Acquisitions

Two more acquisitions for Selas Heat Technology LLC

Selas Heat Technology LLC, Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd’s parent company announces today the purchase of two burner manufacturers to expand the Group technology portfolio.

‘Red-Ray’ produces high intensity gas fired infrared burners, pre-mix air-gas delivery systems, including the patented Redi-Pak® system, and ignition controls and ‘ERB Ensign’ manufactures ribbon burners, air-gas mixing systems, ignition and safety controls.
Between the two product lines, applications served include the baking, snack, laminating, textiles, powder coating, glass, wire and metal industries.

The economic downturn clearly has not had an effect on Selas’s appetite for acquisitions as these latest deals take its total to five in the last four years.

Paul Finnegan, Commercial Director (CEO) at Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd., comments:
“These acquisitions and the further enhancing of the Group’s product portfolio across a wide range of industries will enable Maxsys to continue this growth”.

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