Partnership with utility giant Vattenfall

Telford firm confirms strength of UK Export Market by Securing Major Pan-European Contract

Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd, the Telford-based clean-tech company known for the Maxsys Fuel System which cuts fuel costs and reduces CO2 emissions, has signed a major contract with Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest electricity companies and Europe’s largest supplier of heating.

Vattenfall is active in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, with further interests in Denmark, Finland and France. The deal secured by Maxsys Fuel Systems is with Vattenfall’s Dutch subsidiary, Nuon which itself boasts a client base of over 2.3 million households, companies and organisations in the Netherlands. The deal will see Nuon supply the Maxsys Fuel System across its Dutch customer base, with an option to extend to Germany and Sweden.

The Maxsys Fuel System creates a cleaner and more efficient burn which in turn reduces both costs and CO2 emissions. Customer experience has shown that typical energy savings are in the region of at least 5%, with a return on investment normally experienced within two years, and sometimes as quickly as three months. Nuon will focus the supply of the patented technology on its large industrial customer base with the first installation expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Speaking on the decision to partner with Maxsys Fuel Systems, Jeroen Schut, Sales Manager at Nuon, commented: “Nuon has a commitment to maintain a reliable, sustainable and affordable supply of energy to its customer base and to improve energy efficiency with customised, innovative solutions. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to partner with Maxsys to supply their Fuel System to our customers so that they’ll not only save costs, but also help in our vision for more sustainable energy usage.”

Paul Finnegan, Commercial Director and CEO at Maxsys Fuel Systems, added: “It is fabulous for us to be partnering with such a major utility company as Vattenfall’s Nuon and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the significant savings that its customer base enjoys over the coming years.

“Nuon will be joining our prestigious list of customers that already includes high level energy users such as Johnson Matthey, the Ford Motor Company, and Croda Chemical.”

The article was published in the Shropshire Star/Business supplement on Tuesday 15th October 2013.

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