China Expansion

Maxsys Expands Into China

Following a very productive trip to a number of large manufacturers in China, Maxsys Fuel Systems received its first order for its energy-saving units from Weifang Diesel Weifang City. Installation is scheduled for March 2015. Maxsys Fuel Systems is a cleantech company based in the UK that provides an established and scientifically proven technology guaranteed to cut fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Paul Finnegan, Maxsys Commercial Director and CEO, said, “China represents a huge market for Maxsys. Our focus is mainly on large industrial cities such as Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin and Shanghai, areas with higher populations and incomes and fast developing centers such as the oil town of Dongying. These cities have populations between 15 to 30 million each, and the landscape is cluttered with industrial sites.”

Significant environmental measures need to be addressed and the Chinese government is setting up targets to reduce pollution (CO2 emissions) while encouraging production and growth. China is the 2nd largest world economy after the US and is increasingly playing an important and influential role in the global economy.

Finnegan continued, “Entering the Chinese market is like being at the dawn of the industrial revolution, and the Maxsys Fuel System is the best way to help our Chinese partners continue to manufacture in heavy industries while, at the same time, reducing their energy bills and emissions, and complying with new government standards.”

Finnegan, accompanied by Maxsys’ Chinese representative Sino Consulting and CEE Tech And Management PTE LTD, visited and made presentations at Weichai Power Co. in Weifang (automotive casting), Victoria Oil Field in Dongying (Oil exploration) , and Beijing International Airport in Beijing.

About Maxsys Fuel Systems
Maxsys Fuel Systems engineers and manufactures technology products that deliver energy savings (gas and oil) of at least 5%, a figure that translates into a significant benefit for large energy users. Their systems are widely used in plants across the UK, Europe and USA.

The Maxsys Fuel System is a patented fuel treatment device that applies a magnetic field to the fuel just before combustion, producing a cleaner burn and reducing carbon emissions, which helps sites to achieve financial savings as well as CO2 emission targets. The System is suitable for boilers, kilns, furnaces, ovens and dryers.

The Maxsys Fuel Systems are in use in a wide range of industries including automotive, chemicals, food & beverages, minerals, metals, packaging, plastics, paper, steel and textiles.

Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd is part of the international burner and combustion equipment manufacturing Group, Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC , headquarters in Streetsboro, USA.

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