Energy saving technology available in Germany

British Energy Saving Technology available in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg

Following the success in the Netherlands, Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd, a leading UK cleantech company, has strengthened its partnership with Dutch-based environmental solutions provider, Green Innovations BV to provide its energy saving technology to Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

A boom in energy saving technologies in Europe has helped Green Innovations boost sales and has now become the sole provider of the Maxsys Fuel Systems in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. With the industrial sectors presently paying some of highest gas prices in the EU, the Maxsys Fuel Systems are set to make a real difference.

Concerns over escalating energy prices, along with minimising the impact industry has upon the environment, means the minimum savings of 5% in fuel costs and the corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions that Maxsys guarantees, offer businesses in these countries much needed cuts in expenditure, while helping to meet legislative targets laid down by the EU.

On 10 November 2010, the European Commission adopted the Communication Energy 2020 – “A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy”, expressly tailored to address existing environmental concerns. This communication sets out targets to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% (from levels in 1990), improve energy efficiency by 20% and raise the share of energy consumption produced from renewable resources to 20%. The commission recommends that these objectives are achieved by 2020.

The German, Belgian and Luxembourg union provides the perfect market for the Maxsys Fuel Systems. The high density of industry and the incentives that governments are providing to encourage greener practices make this a particularly fertile ground upon which to introduce the groundbreaking technology.

“We have been working with Maxsys since the start of our business.” Says Mike Philips, Managing Director of Green Innovations.

“We mainly dealt with their existing Dutch based customers before Vattenfall took up the rights to sole supply”.

We are proud to be involved with this green technology as it’s a huge growth opportunity in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, with Germany being the largest industrial power user in Europe. This means these energy intensive territories of the EU will soon be enjoying the many financial and environmental benefits Maxsys Fuel Systems bring.”

Green Innovations BV is a perfectly placed partner for Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd, with an extended network and exemplary sales record in Europe. A young, dynamic and resourceful company, Green Innovations mission is to help companies reduce costs by fulfilling the demand for energy saving technologies that the Energy 2020 accord has galvanised.

Paul Finnegan, Commercial Director at Maxsys, says, “Green Innovations is a great match. Their proactive and focused approach means we benefit from a partner that not only knows the market, but also shares our passion for energy cost savings.”

Already, a number of key prospects have been identified and Maxsys Project Sales Manager, Dave Stanger, along with members of Green Innovations staff, is currently visiting a range of first class companies, across a variety of industry sectors, to increase product awareness. With the Maxsys technology improving the fuel efficiency of most burners and combustion plant, they will be joining the many Blue Chip companies already implementing the Maxsys Fuel Systems. The unique retro-fit capability also ensures no expensive overhaul of existing boilers or burners is required.

“The market has opened up to this technology,” says Green Innovations Managing Director, Mike Philips, “Businesses are welcoming the fact they can boost their energy efficiency, as long as they can be sure that the device is proven to reduce fuel costs and deliver payback relatively quickly, they are keen to embrace energy efficiency.”

Industries as diverse as automotive, food and drink, chemical and metals currently benefit from the Maxsys technology. Now it is Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg’s turn to join them in the financial advantages and greener outlook that the Maxsys Fuel Systems have to offer.

Mike Phillips concludes: “Maxsys has come up with a great technology, one that will contribute considerably to us realising our mission.”