More energy and co2 saving opportunities

There are much more saving opportunities.

With more flexibility, control and trading in the emission market and market forces we can save even more energy.

Felix Gruijters, Manager Intermediaries and Sales Development at Nuon (Vattenfall).

The co2 ‘consciousness’ is the last years has increased sharply. Politics, businesses and citizens know the relationship with fossil fuel and often also know that there is a link between co2 emissions and climate change. And, with that awareness there is increasing attention and opportunities for sustainable ways of generation and application of energy, such as windmills and solar panels and use of electric cars.

For the consumers and businesses, it’s important that the energy supply meets three conditions: energy should be affordable, the delivery must be secured and energy needs as sustainable as possible are generated.

We also see that the proportion of ‘green energy ‘is increasing every year. The recent opening of the Princess Alexia Wind farm in Flevoland in Zeewolde illustrates this focus on renewable energy. With 36 wind turbines this is the largest wind farm on land in Europe.

Er is Veel meer BesparinG moGeliJk met meer fl exibiliteit, controle en handel in emissierechten én marktwerking kunnen we nog meer energie besparen. Felix Gruijters.

Management Scope. December 2013. Page 21. (Dutch version only)