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Maxsys Fuel Systems Reduce Fuel and Emissions for Big Energy Users

Trouble free 5% fuel cost reduction

A simple Maxsys System allows chemical companies to reduce the energy use of their steam boilers, ovens, dryers and waste burners by at least 5% for a reasonably low investment. Dow and Croda are already using it.

Saving energy seems like a tree from which a lot of low-hanging fruit has already been picked, however, there are plenty of opportunities remaining. Take the patented Maxsys Fuel System invention by the British company Maxsys. The company claims it will cut energy costs by a further 5%. “This brings the goal of the Chemical Industry Route Map a step closer: a reduction of 40% of total CO2 emissions by the chemical sector in 2030, compared to 2005,” says Mike Philips, director of Green Innovations, which is launching the Maxsys product line in the Netherlands.

The Maxsys Fuel System focuses on minuscule impurities (approx. 20 nanometres in diameter) in natural gas. When the gas comes into direct contact with the System’s magnetic field, these impurities cluster into larger particles of approx. 200 nanometres. As a result the gas mixes better and faster with oxygen from the air immediately before combustion. This produces a slightly hotter flame, a much stronger transfer of radiant heat, and ultimately more usable heat per cubic metre of gas. The Maxsys Fuel System, which contains finely tuned permanent magnets, works optimally when installed within 1.5 meters before the burner. The more remote from the burner, the lower the effectiveness of the System.

Industrial burners
‘The risk to the client is limited, as the System has no influence on the process’

Explained Philips’ Maxsys representative, “When a company is interested, a Maxsys team in Britain works out the figures and delivers a proposal, including three dimensional drawings. This enables the client to check the safety and whether the maintenance engineers will still have access to everything.” The Maxsys Fuel System is suitable for all industrial burners with a gas consumption of 25 to 2000 cubic meter gas per hour. The actual fuel savings vary from 5-9%.

“Our clients save on average 6.2% with a similar percentage in CO2 emissions,” according to Philips. The System, which uses no energy and is practically maintenance free, has a 10 year warranty. Its installation takes half a day to two days depending on complexity. “Experience tells us that without subsidies, companies in the Netherlands will earn back their investment within 4 to 18 months,” said Philips. To verify the savings, a certain measurement protocol is typically agreed to measure the differences before and after.

Philips: “All in all, the risks to the client are limited, as the Maxsys Fuel System has no influence on the process.”

By now thousands of Maxsys Fuel Systems have been installed worldwide, including in chemical companies, refineries, paper mills, food processing companies, car manufacturers, and others that consume great amounts of fuel.

Project examples

Dow site King’s Lynn
‘Nothing to lose’

The warranty and the independent verification of its energy savings by the Swiss company ABB, made Dow, located in King’s Lynn, in UK, decide in 2007 to let Maxsys install a Fuel System onto their steam boiler. The first measurements showed the System had saved them 5.2% of natural gas. Thus, the investment was earned back in 10 months. “However, we did not use the System for a long time, as within the year Dow decided to close the latex factory and the steam boiler was decommissioned,” says Andrew Culshaw, Dow’s maintenance and engineering leader in King’s Lynn. “Seeing as we were the first within Dow to gain experience using the System, colleagues from other countries would ask me questions, especially about the principle of operation. By now other companies within Dow have also acquired the System.”

Culshaw is unsure of the exact savings made. “It was a boiler with a capacity of 20 tonnes of steam per hour, for which its consumption of natural gas was reduced by over 5%, which means that the cost savings were thousands of British pounds.” His advice: “Just try it. You will save a minimum of 5 % of fuel and if not, your warranty will ensure you get your money back. You have nothing to lose.”

‘It really takes no looking after’

Since September 2013, Croda has been using three Maxsys Fuel Systems for boilers producing steam and hot oil to provide processing heat to the factories at their Atlas Point site in New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA. Here Croda produces surface active agents and emulsifiers on vegetable oil basis. “It was a turnkey project, where Maxsys organised everything, including the placement of the Systems,” says Davien Bailey, project engineer at the company. “From calculations based on the data provided by us, it appeared that the Systems did indeed save 5% of fuel, which meant the investment in the three Systems was paid back within a year and a half.”

He observes the fact that the System does not have any rotating parts and is virtually maintenance free as the main advantages. “The maintenance consists of a half day check up by Maxsys every other year to see whether the magnets are still in good condition and have not been damaged by, for instance, collisions with fork lift trucks. It really takes no looking after.”

About Maxsys Fuel Systems

Maxsys Fuel Systems engineers and manufactures technology products that deliver energy savings (gas and oil) of at least 5%, a figure that translates into a significant benefit for large energy users. Their systems are widely used in plants across the UK, Europe and USA. The Maxsys Fuel System is a patented fuel treatment device that applies a magnetic field to the fuel just before combustion, producing a cleaner burn and reducing carbon emissions, which helps sites to achieve financial savings as well as CO2 emission targets. The System is suitable for boilers, kilns, furnaces, ovens and dryers. The Maxsys Fuel Systems are in use in a wide range of industries including automotive, chemicals, food & beverages, minerals, metals, packaging, plastics, paper, steel and textiles. Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd is part of the international burner and combustion equipment manufacturing Group, Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC, headquarters in Streetsboro, OH USA.

About Green Innovations

Green Innovations helps start-ups in the clean-tech sector with marketing and sales. In this role they support Maxsys in the introduction and sales of the Maxsys Fuel System in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The article is published in the March 2015 edition of the Chemie Magazine (The Dutch Chemical Industry Association) - P26-27

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