A boiler burner specialist joins the Group

A boiler burner specialist joins the Group

Maxsys parent company Selas expansion continues with the announcement of the purchase of Webster Engineering & Manufacturing Co. LLC based in Winfield, Kansas.

Webster is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of custom and semi-custom multi-fuel boiler burners for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. The Company’s burners combine advanced control technology with proven combustion performance to provide the heat source for the transformation of water to potable hot water, hot water for heating, and steam for heating and process applications. For over three decades, Webster’s proven designs have helped customers reduce emission levels, and provided higher efficiencies for new systems as well as replacement installations. Webster’s most recent innovation, the patented Temp-A-Trim® system, senses combustion air temperature and automatically controls the fan speed to create a constant air flow mass for combustion, thereby maintaining optimum fuel/air ratios to enable maximum burner efficiency.

Paul Finnegan, Commercial Director (CEO) at Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd., comments: “Boilers make up 70% of the applications that Maxsys Fuel Systems are fitted to so having a specialist boiler burner company in the group can only be a positive thing. It’s very exciting.”

Selas Heat Technology Acquires Webster Engineering