Maxsys Exhibits at AHR Show

Maxsys Exhibits at AHR Show

Maxsys Fuel Systems (The UK-based cleantech Company), recently exhibited at the AHR Expo in partnership with their colleagues, Webster Combustion Technology. The AHR Show, the world's largest HVACR marketplace show, took place from January 26 to 28 2015 at McCormick Place, Chicago. There was a great turnout for the show, with two halls full of exhibitors, 61,990 attendees including 42,400 visitors this year, beating all previous attendance records.

Maxsys Fuel Systems received considerable interest from engineers, facility managers and senior management from large industrial sites, plus sales reps and distributors from all over the US, particularly the Midwest states of Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana and New York. Visitors to the booth were very impressed with the design and presentation of the Maxsys Fuel System demonstration unit. The T2 systems received great interest from sales representatives working on smaller gas users, such as schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings.

Kate Banks, the newest addition to the Maxsys Operations team, who attended the show, commented: “It was an excellent show and a great networking event. Thanks to everyone who visited our stand. Because my focus at Maxsys is within Operations and the delivery of the projects, I felt I was able to deliver a clear picture of our projects, and how we tailor our delivery of every project according to the particular client and application, along with our clear focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. This, of course, in addition to delivering on our guaranteed 5% savings.”

About Maxsys Fuel Systems
Maxsys Fuel Systems engineers and manufactures technology products that deliver energy savings (gas and oil) of at least 5%, a figure that translates into a significant benefit for large energy users. Their systems are widely used in plants across the UK, Europe and USA.

The Maxsys Fuel System is a patented fuel treatment device that applies a magnetic field to the fuel just before combustion, producing a cleaner burn and reducing carbon emissions, which helps sites to achieve financial savings as well as CO2 emission targets. The System is suitable for boilers, kilns, furnaces, ovens and dryers.

The Maxsys Fuel Systems are in use in a wide range of industries including automotive, chemicals, food & beverages, minerals, metals, packaging, plastics, paper, steel and textiles.

Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd is part of the international burner and combustion equipment manufacturing Group, Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC , headquarters in Streetsboro, USA.