Maxsys Exhibits at Energy saving

Maxsys at Beijing Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Exhibition - Stand No.B1215

Maxsys Fuel Systems to participate in Beijing Energy Saving & Emission Reduction Exhibition 

Maxsys Fuel Systems will be exhibiting its energy saving and carbon emission reduction technology at the 7th Beijing Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Exhibition, 2rd - 4th April 2015. Located at the Beijing Exhibition Center, stand number B1215, Maxsys will be one of 500 exhibitors including 100 international companies from Japan, Korea, Australia, USA, UK, Greece, South Africa and many others. 

The Maxsys Fuel System is guaranteed to save a minimum of 5% for energy users in a wide range of industries, and can be retrofitted quickly to most burners and combustion plant to start reducing both energy costs and CO2 emissions immediately.

Vanessa Landreau, Marketing Manager of Maxsys Fuel Systems commented “It’s extremely important that we make ourselves available at every opportunity in China. Compared to the USA and Europe, as a percentage of overall costs energy costs are higher in China. Many industries have an over capacity so the focus has switched to energy efficiency. We are looking forward to welcoming any businesses that wish to discuss their energy and C02 reduction needs at the exposition.” 

Typical installations of the Maxsys Fuel Systems include:

Paper & Packaging – steam raising boilers, HPHW boilers, wet and dry hood dryers, thermal oxidizers, printing lines

Chemical – boilers, thermal oxidizers, reformers, salt evaporators, incinerators, thermal oil heaters, fluid bed dryers

Food – boilers, ovens and band dryers

Pharmaceuticals – boilers, spray dryers, incinerators, thermal oxidizers, evaporators 

Brewing and distilling – boilers, incinerators

Dairy – boilers

Precious Metals – boilers, ovens, curing stations, rotary kilns, dryers, evaporators

Mining and minerals – boilers, ovens, rotary dryers, calciners, tunnel kilns

Glass – float furnaces, bottle machinery

Steel – furnaces, boilers, rotary furnaces, galvanizing baths

Automotive – boilers, paint ovens, thermal oxidizers

About the show

The 7th Beijing Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Exhibition ( covers 20,000 m2 of exhibition area, and will showcase 1,500 new products for science and technology oriented industries. It is China’s top energy saving and emission reduction exhibition, with 30,000 to 40,000 visitors expected.

About Maxsys Fuel Systems

Maxsys Fuel Systems engineers and manufactures technology products that deliver energy savings (gas and oil) of at least 5%, a figure that translates into a significant benefit for large energy users. Their Systems are widely used in plant across the UK, Europe and USA.

The Maxsys Fuel System is a patented fuel treatment device that applies a magnetic field to the fuel just before combustion, producing a cleaner burn and reducing carbon emissions, which helps sites to achieve financial savings as well as CO2 emission targets. The System is suitable for boilers, kilns, furnaces, ovens and dryers.

The Maxsys Fuel Systems are in use in a wide range of industries including automotive, chemicals, food & beverages, minerals, metals, packaging, plastics, paper, steel and textiles.

Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd is part of the international burner and combustion equipment manufacturing Group, Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC, headquarters in Streetsboro, OH USA.