Toray Textiles

Toray Textiles achieve 5% reduction in gas consumption thanks to the Maxsys Fuel System

Toray Textiles Europe Ltd, a leader in advanced synthetic fabric manufacture, has achieved impressive energy savings of over 5% per annum through the installation of the energy saving Fuel System solution from Maxsys at its state of the art textile production facility in Mansfield.

Toray Textiles Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toray Industries Inc, the largest manufacturer of woven polyester and nylon fabrics in Europe. The company’s purpose-built manufacturing plant at Mansfield produces fabrics for use in sportswear, furnishings, fashion, lingerie, corporate clothing and school wear, as well as technical fabrics for applications such as clean room, surgical and medical.

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The challenge

While the UK textile industry may have contracted, Toray is a progressive UK manufacturer that has invested in the latest technology and deployed innovative process engineering. Today Toray employs 230 employees and generates annual turnover in the region of £18 million.

Having weathered the storm of low cost overseas competition, soaring energy costs are the last thing required by any UK textile producer. With this in mind, Toray Textiles decided to investigate the Maxsys Fuel System as part of its strategic commitment to cut unit energy consumption by 2% per annum.

“Energy efficiency is an important issue for us at Toray and plays an integral part in our environmental policy,” said Mike Fisher, General Manager, Engineering. Toray Textiles, which is ISO14001:2004 certified, has an environmental policy that includes a commitment to manage responsibly its impact on the environment. One of its environmental principles states: ‘to make efficient use of energy, optimise the use of energy where practicable, and minimise greenhouse gas emissions’.

“The impact of energy prices means we are always looking to be proactive in energy management,” said Mr Fisher. “We have year-on-year objectives and targets, one of which relates to our boiler efficiency and to reduce the amount of gas consumed. We knew that the Fuel System would provide benefits in this area.”

The solution

The Mansfield site has three 35,000lb, gas fired, steam-raising boilers which act as duty, standby (for peak demand) and dry storage, and are rotated every 12 months. The Fuel System was installed on one of the boilers in December 2004. ABB were selected as the company to carry out an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the Maxsys Fuel System.

The outcome

“The installation was carried out by Maxsys Ltd during our Christmas shutdown. In mid March 2005 we received a report from ABB showing a 5% reduction in gas consumption per tonne of steam produced,” said Mr Fisher. “We found that the Fuel System offered maximum return when demand was high, which is something that suits our operations at Mansfield. Overall it has provided us with a significant improvement in energy use.”

“Another advantage of the Maxsys Fuel System is that it helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted,” confirmed Mr Fisher, “during a 20 day period 12,400m3 less gas was consumed than would have been expected if the Fuel System had not been installed. I was so pleased with the results that we asked Maxsys to install a further Fuel System on to another boiler.”

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