DS Smith Packaging

Maxsys Fuel Systems helps packaging manufacturer pulp gas bills

The installation of the increasingly popular Maxsys Fuel Systems at the Launceston site of DS Smith Speciality Packaging has led to a 5.8% annual reduction in gas consumption resulting in an impressive financial saving of thousands of pounds per year.

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The challenge

Established for 40 years, the Launceston facility of DS Smith Speciality Packaging, part of the £1.7 billion DS Smith International Group, is a hybrid plant manufacturing both conventional packaging and speciality packs, and claims to be the UK’s foremost corrugated packaging manufacturer. Products include high volume cardboard transit cases, as well as speciality, decorative and heavy duty packaging.

For over a century, corrugated cardboard has been a faithful packaging servant. The humble brown box both protects and attracts, despite competition from returnable plastic containers, stretch wrapped pallets and intermediate bulk solutions. But to survive in a competitive world, it is innovation that will count in the future. This factor has long been realised by DS Smith Speciality Packaging, both in terms of its products and processes.

“With the cost of energy escalating massively and the increasing need to reduce carbon footprint, it seemed sensible to stage a review of our boiler plant,” explains the company’s quality manager Steve Porter.

The solution

“I’d retained a mail drop from Maxsys about the Maxsys Fuel Systems a few months earlier and I decided to give them a call,” says Mr Porter. “Looking at the mail drop, I was impressed by the many testimonials listed by satisfied customers.”

The ISO 9001:2000 and ISO14001 accredited company runs two Danks gas-fired, steam raising boilers at Launceston, which are used for both general heating and process heat.

In the months leading up to winter 2006, Maxsys fitted the Fuel Systems to each of the boilers at DS Smith. The systems are well established fuel treatment technology that improve combustion by applying a finely calibrated magnetic field directly to the fuel.

The outcome

A test protocol for the assessment of the boiler plant performance with and without the Maxsys Fuel Systems technology in place was produced and agreed by both parties. Meter readings were then gathered three times a day by DS Smith Speciality Packaging for the duration of the test protocol period. The evaluation was based on the established CUSUM statistical model with regenerative analysis. The results identified that average gas consumption was 5.8% lower following installation of the systems.

“The results have been fantastic,” states Mr Porter. “Not only have we reduced our carbon emissions by cutting gas consumption by 5.8%, we have also made substantial financial savings in the 12 months since installation.”

The new technology also helped the Cornwall plant carry off the top prize in the paper and packaging category of the National Green Apple Awards 2007, which recognise environmental achievement. The facility won the prize for reducing emissions to air, water and ground as well as working closely with local residents on environmental issues.

Interview with Steve Porter

A few years later, Steve Porter was interviewed to share his experience of this successful project, benefiting from the Maxsys Fuel Systems. He concludes the interview by praising the Maxsys team for their professionalism in delivering the project and being a good trading partner. Please click below to view the full interview.

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