The success of the Maxsys Fuel Systems within the UK has seen operations stepped up to a global level, with distribution throughout mainland Europe and beyond.

Companies across the globe have looked to Maxsys Fuel Systems to provide a cost effective solution for lowering their CO2 emissions and reducing their carbon footprint. By treating the gas or oil prior to combustion, the Maxsys technology guarantees a cleaner burn, cutting fuel consumption by as much as 9.5%. A crucial difference so far as countries relying on the energy intensive industry sector are concerned. This also provides a correlated financial saving and a marked decrease in harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

With offices now located in the USA, Japan and Germany, as well as distributors on board, the technology is being exported as far afield as Singapore and China.

Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of the financial benefits the technology has to offer, with a considerable portfolio of Blue Chip companies and global brands implementing the Maxsys Fuel Systems. The increase in energy saving legislation worldwide means Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd offers an economically sound alternative to expensive equipment overhaul. One that guarantees a reassuringly fast ROI.