As part of the Selas Heat Technology Company LLC, an international name in burners and combustion equipment, UK based Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd is a successful manufacturer and supplier of a patented, energy saving technology, currently employed by some of the world’s largest brands.

Since the launch of its acclaimed and pioneering product in 2003, the cleantech company – located in Shropshire, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution – has enjoyed a speedy rise to global recognition, with partners throughout the world and the Maxsys Fuel Systems being distributed across Europe, the USA, South Africa and Asia. This level of growth is testament to the effectiveness of the technology in a marketplace beset by ever increasing fuel costs.

The Maxsys Fuel Systems provide an efficient solution to the problems associated with excessive energy expenditure and harmful CO2 emissions. By pre treating the gas or oil, the technology allows for a cleaner burn and greater use of the available fuel, cutting costs by a guaranteed minimum of 5% and providing a fast ROI.

The company’s strength lies not only in the quality of its product but also in the team that remains central to its ongoing fortune. Across five areas of business – Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations, Design to Save, Operations and Administration – Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd boasts a wealth of enterprising professionals dedicated to providing the topmost level of service.